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Our Mission is to honor and share our ancient traditions, wisdom and nature by providing mindfully-crafted, high quality herbal remedies for modern-day wellness

Elevated Naturally is an herbal company which utilizes ancient wisdom to craft herbal remedies that optimize our modern lifestyle. All our handcrafted products start with herbs that are either wildcrafted, organically grown or sustainably sourced. Our alchemically enhanced plant extractions are the foundation of our handcrafted herbal remedies. Our products are fresh, natural and chemical free for long-lasting health and beauty. We use recycled and sustainable packaging materials to reduce our carbon footprint.



Growing up in Ethiopia where plant medicine and localized agriculture are an inherent part of the culture, my herbal foundation began with my grandmother who was an herbal healer. After moving to the US to pursue higher education, I realized that American food lacked nutritional value and is unsustainable. This opened my eyes to the values of my childhood upbringing, which empowered me to protect local culture and to inspire re-localization of our medicine and food sources. I began working with herbal remedies to help heal my family and friends with medical issues developed from to our modern lifestyle. Using the knowledge passed on to me from my grandmother, coupled with my herbal studies, I began crafting herbal remedies to enrich the lives of those closest to me. After many years of practice, I started sharing my love for the healing power of plants with the world… and Elevated Naturally was born.

I have extensive travel experience, love of music and indigenous world culture. I host several radio programs on KGNU community radio in Boulder CO to spread global culture and healing through music in our community and beyond.

Spagyric Process:

Elevated Naturally practices the ancient Egyptian method of herbal preparation called Spagyrics, which is a branch of alchemy and one of the oldest methods of herbal preparation that enhances the energy of plants. Spagyric is an energetically complete herbal extraction that contains the three principles of alchemy: the body, soul and spirit of the herb.

The Body

The mineral salts purified from the plant

The Soul

The oil extracted from the plant

The Spirit

The alcohol used to extract the oil from the plant

Three steps of Spagyric

Includes Separation, Purification and Reunification.


Alcohol Extraction (Separation)


Mineral Extraction-(Purification)


Reunification of the 3 elements, Body, Soul & Spirit

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