Spagyric Hemp Flower Tincture

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Product Description:

Full Spectrum | Dual Extraction | Hemp Flower | Spagyric Tincture

It comes as 1oz | 2oz bottles


Organically grown hemp flowers, Organic Mct Oil, Organic alcohol, Sunflower Lecithin & Vegetable Glycerin

Total Cannabinoids for 1oz = Approximately 500 MG / 16MG pre dropper filled to about 2 inches

Total Cannabinoids for 2oz = Approximately 1000 MG / 16mg  per dropper filled to about 2 inches

Directions: Take 10-50 mg 2X Daily


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding consult your doctor before using. Keep away from children. These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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4 reviews for Spagyric Hemp Flower Tincture

  1. mama9

    the best you can get… you get the whole plant not the part like tinctures other manufactures sell. This is mind body soul of the plant. Tinctures are often just the body with no mind to work or soul to rise you out of dis ease.

  2. mama9

    you cant buy better. Yet,

  3. Eliot K

    I believe this is the first Elevated Naturally product I ever tried. I really enjoy knowing that this is a whole-plant extract with plants that Ewket grows herself. A great way to go for those looking to experience the full benefits of hemp.

  4. Michelle

    I recently won a Hemp Flower Spagyric Tincture from Elevated Naturally through their giveaway on Instagram. I’ve developed an even deeper appreciation for Hemp/Cannabis and spagyric formulations after taking this medicine.
    The wholeness of the hemp flower is felt deeply in this tincture. It has a satisfying richness that I’ve never experienced with any other hemp product. The care taken to make and grow the herb used in this tincture resonates in each drop. One droperfull relaxed my entire body, calmed my mind and elevated my mood. When taken in drop doses, the hemp flower is tranquil, gentle and grounding. I really enjoy the flavor and scent of the tincture too.
    This would be a great tincture for anyone struggling with anxiety, panic, stress and tension. It could also be a good introduction to hemp medicine for someone who’d like to have a profound experience. Anyone who suffers from chronic pain could also benefit from this tincture.
    I’m very grateful for the medicine Ewket creates and grows. I feel fortunate to have won her hemp flower spagyric giveaway. I look forward to exploring more of her medicine in the future!

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